\(ˈ)jē¦(h)wiz\ adjective
Etymology: gee whiz
1. : designed to arouse wonder or excitement or to amplify the merits or significance of something especially by the use of clever or sensational language

gee-whiz journalism

2. : marked by spectacular or astonishing qualities or achievement

gee-whiz technology

3. : characterized by wide-eyed enthusiasm, excitement, and wonder

a gee-whiz approach to politics that wears a little thin — Business Week

* * *

/jee"hwiz", -wiz"/, adj. Informal.
arousing or characterized by surprise, wonder, or triumphant achievement: a gee-whiz technology; a gee-whiz reaction to the sight of the Grand Canyon.

* * *

U.S. Informal.
1. an exclamation of surprise, wonder, or delight, sometimes used as an expletive or mild oath: »

Gee whiz, do I have to go?

2. something causing surprise, wonder, or delight.
gee-whiz «JEE HWIHZ»,
U.S. Informal. characterized by or causing surprise, wonder, or delight: »

a gee-whiz achievement, gee-whiz embellishments.

* * *

informal exclam. another term for gee I
adj. [attrib.] characterized by or causing naive astonishment or wonder, in particular at new technology

this era of gee-whiz gadgetry

* * *

/ˈʤiːˌwız/ adj, always used before a noun
chiefly US
1 : very impressive or amazing

gee-whiz gadgets/technology

2 : showing or feeling excitement and wonder

gee-whiz enthusiasm

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